January 14, 2015

2012-coldwar-01-5111WOD 3: TEAM FROGMAN

TIME CAP: 10 Minutes

Follow the leader swim WOD. Each member of the team will swim 100 yards. After the swim, each member will complete either 20 Plate Hop Burpees or 25 Goblet Squats and physically tag their teammate before the next member of the team can start their swim. The assigned movement is based on the team member’s start order. If a member of the team is unable to swim the team will have the option to allow another member of the team to complete their swim and movements in their place. However, for every member substituted a 25 second time penalty will be assessed against the team’s total time to complete the work. Score will be the total time to complete plus accrued penalties.

Athlete 1: 20 Plate Hop Burpees (15#)
Athlete 2: 25 Goblet Squats (53/35)
Athlete 3: 20 Plate Hop Burpees (15#)
Athlete 4: 25 Goblet Squats (53/35)


Swim: Can start the swim in the water or on the deck (dive entry). Swim 4 laps anyhow (do not pull on lane ropes).
Plate Hop Burpees: Start in the standing position, drop to the ground and make sure chest and thighs touch the deck, then both feet must jump together and land on plate with full hip extension at the top.
Goblet Squats: While holding the kettlebell on the chest, squat making sure hip crease is below the knees and then full extension at the top. DO NOT DROP THE KETTLEBELL.

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