CW4 – WOD 1: Declassified

January 12, 2015



 TIME CAP: 12 Minutes

Two (2) Members of the team (Pair A) will complete an 800m run while each carries a medicine ball. Upon completion of the run, Pair A will complete a set number of wall balls based on the time it takes for both partners to return from the run and tag the wall in their assigned lane. Once Pair A completes their wall ball reps they must tag the remaining two (2) members of the team (Pair B), who will then complete a 400m medicine ball run together. Upon completion of the 400m run Pair B will also complete a set number of wall balls based on the time it takes for them to complete the 400m run.   Once the second pair completes their wall balls, the team will then complete Clean & Jerks for maximum total reps with the remaining time.  Score is based on total number of Clean and Jerks. Tie Breaker will be determined based on time it takes the team to complete the run and wall balls. This WOD will be worth a maximum total of 100 points.

Each pair must run their assigned distance together with medicine balls. Each pair cannot begin wall balls until both members of the pair tag the wall for their assigned lane. The number of wall balls will be determined by the time it takes both runners to complete their assigned run AND tag the wall (slowest member of the pair determines time). Before Pair B leaves for their run, Pair A must tag them upon completion of their wall ball set. Only one member of the pair is allowed to move at a time for wall balls and only one member of the team will be allowed to move at a time for Clean and Jerks.


800m Run:                                              

Sub 4 Minutes: 50 Reps

4:00-4:30: 60 Reps

4:31-5:00: 70 Reps

5:01 and Over: 80 Reps


400m Run:

Sub 2 Minutes:  60 Reps

2:00-2:30:  70 Reps

2:31-3:00:  80 Reps

3:01 and Over:  90 Reps


Medicine Balls: Rx: 30/20; Masters: 20/14; Scaled: 20/14

Clean & Jerk: Rx: 185/125; Masters: 155/105; Scaled: 135/95



Wall Ball: Must hit target at center of ball (9′ for women, 10′ for men). Hip crease below knee.

Clean: Barbell starts from the ground and lands in front rack position with elbows slightly forward.

Jerk: The barbell must come to full lockout overhead with the hips, knees and arms fully extended, and the bar directly over the heels. Barbell must be returned to shoulders. NO DROPPING from the overhead position.






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