January 19, 2015

COLD WAR 4 IS A WRAP!2015-coldwar-4986

Thank you to all the amazing athletes and competitors who participated in our 4th annual Cold War Mid-Atlantic Team Competition!  It was another great year featuring an awesome new venue,  grueling WODs, amazing athletes to include several games and regionals competitors, and some truly inspiring performances  by many of our teams to include our Warrior 360 athletes.  The spirit and community of CrossFit was well represented this past Saturday.   We want to congratulate all of the top placing teams in each division.   Each team battled hard throughout the day.    A breakdown of all WODs and live scores can be found via our scoring system provided by A Box Above and the link

I would also like to personally thank each one of our volunteers, judges, and sponsors.  We could not put on this incredible event each year without all of your hard work and support.  I am always blown away by how many people are willing to dedicate hours and sometimes days of their time to help us pull off an amazing event.  Each year we see many of the same faces returning.  The fact that you are willing to stay out in the cold for hours at a time and come back means you are either a glutton for punishment or you truly love this event as much as we do.  Thank you for helping us create a truly well run and unique event.  I wish there was more I could do to thank each one of your personally.  Your help is appreciated more than you know.   Additionally a special thank you to DJ Major for keeping everyone energized through the WODs, Muscle Up Media for providing some of the best sports photography, and each of our Sponsors who provide some insane prizes. and help us make it a truly professional event.

Finally I would like to thank each one of our coaches at CFL/CFK who put in countless hours, days, and months of work leading up to the event.   I could not pull this off without them.  This event is more than just a competition for them, it holds a special place in their hearts.

We hope everyone had a great experience on Saturday and we hope to see you all again next year for COLD WAR 5!

Cold War 4 Winners:


Rx Division: 

1.  2 Christians and 2 Catholics (Jacob Hepner (CrossFit 816), Linsey Wise (CrossFit Falls Church), Christopher Martirano (CrossFit FC), Jonathon Morgan (Humble Beast CrossFit))

2.  RAW Training (Loren Churchin-Lang, Nathan Lang, Nick Cherish, Bruce Barger)

3.  CrossFit Blue and Gold A  (Stephanie Ross, Joe Dinkel, Jack Smith, Madi Mansberger)


Scaled Division:  

1.  CrossFit Falls Church (Jordan Dunn, Adam Cortese, Doug Stevens, Greg Ayscue)

2. Zechariah 4:6/CrossFit Kingstowne (James Kim, Jay Kim, Ashleigh Fallin, Jordan Reiley)

3. CrossFit Durable (Nic Calderon, Stephanie Taylor, Kenta Dooley, Scott Mcale)


Masters Division:  

1. Brandywine CrossFit (Wayne Megill, Roman Hale, Kit Halliday, Leah Bednarek)

2.  Hellifiknow (Jennifer Shepherd, Stephen Shepherd, Jim Akins, Amy Oblachinski)



First Place:

  • $1200 Prize Purse (Rx Division only)
  • IPAD Mini from Intelligent Decisions
  • Kettlebell from Sorinex Equipment
  • Rock Tape
  • Fit Aid
  • Custom Fit Bars
  • T-Shirts from Stand for Something Clothing
  • Headbands from WOD Addiction
  • 4-week Nutrition Plans from Max Muscle Nutrition


SEE YOU IN 2016! 



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